Friday, August 22, 2014

Deco Art Glass Paint Markers,

I am always trying to come up with something new for my friends for gifts for their birthdays and holidays.  I will admit that I love the challenge and I have one friend in particular that I try to come up with a "theme" gift for her birthday every year.  It is fun and I truly think that I enjoy the gift more than she does.  LOL.  This year her "theme" is Travel.  She still has school age children at home and can't travel easily because she is at that stage of child-rearing where she is continually busy with kid activities and chauffeuring them to their various activities, I remember those days with nostalgia although I really love where our children are in their lives.  Needless to say I've had a blast planning her "Travel" themed gift.  My last post was all about the mixed media piece that I did as a part of the gift, this post is all about this huge mug that I found at Pier One and decorated with my rather inept version of a doodle using the Deco Art Glass Paint Markers.  OMG, they were sooooo fun to use.  I didn't realize how wonderful they are otherwise I'd have used them long ago.  
 I sat last night while watching America's Got Talent and doodled this mug and had a ball.  I was a bit worried about the result because I just free-handed the entire piece but what incredible fun.  I would not go so far as to say this is a Zentangled Piece because that might insult the true Zentanglers out there, I just doodled and played and kept adding more and more and was worried that I had added too much to the piece.  Maybe I did but I think my friend will get a kick out of the mug and of course when you return home from a trip you are always exhausted and need some comfort like a nice cup of coffee.  That is how the mug will fit into the theme.
 Have you ever used the Deco Art Glass Paint Markers?  They are so smooth and easy to use, I was incredibly impressed and will use them again.  I'm not sure which retailers carry the markers but you could google Deco Art and see where you can purchase them.  I recommend them highly.
After I finished adding all of the "doodles" I let the mug sit overnight and then heat set it in the oven in the morning.  According to the manufacturer they are dishwasher safe, I'm not going to test this one right now, I will leave that up to my friend.  As I was in Target today doing some errands I found small white glass bowls which I think will be darling doodled and used for jewelry containers.  HMMMMM!!!  Maybe a Christmas Gift?   WHAT ABOUT A DOODLED TEAPOT?   Hmmmmm.............  Target here I come!
Have you used these markers before?  So fun!!!  Leave me a comment and lets have a conversation.  

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