Saturday, May 7, 2011

As many of you know I am a wildflower fan.  This Shooting Star was completed using the FM Dynasty Trifecta Brushes and was painted on a leather coaster using the Deco Art So Soft Paints.  This scan doesn't really do the flower justice because the colors are actually more intense on the original but will give you the idea as to how to paint this project.  The instructions for this project can be found on my website on the free pattern section.  There is no line art for this piece as it is strokework flower that I painted freehand.  Yes, you can also paint this, place a clear sheet of plastic over the photo and practice using the brush until you achieve the look of the flower.  I'm doing this as a make and take during SDP Nationals in Wichita on Friday May 20th and if you are attending stop by and see me sometime during the day but if you aren't attending I have an amazing show special on the brushes on my website that will last until after I return from Wichita and you can also paint this flower.  You can see another version of this Shooting Star below that I painted on cardstock using Deco Art Americana paints. 

I'm also teaching a class for anyone interested in providing quality educational projects to kids of all ages on Saturday May 21 in Wichita.  I'm teaching with an amazing group of talented women and between all of us have too many years of teaching experience to even tally.  LOL.  Check us out on the SDP Website for the Fun and Joy of Art Education.