Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Stamps and New Opportunities

As I sat down to post today I realized how long it has been since I last posted on my blog.  Wow!!!  All I can say is, sorry.  I have been very busy, I have another magazine article to come out soon in Scrap and Stamp, have done a couple projects for Artists Club, am still teaching full time, and have been spending all of my free time on a new project which I cannot talk about yet but believe me it has been all consuming and I hope will have the desired result when it is released.  HMMMM!!!!!  Just a little teaser.  LOL.  I cannot talk about it yet but will be able to do so soon.

Another project which is near and dear to my heart is stamp design and I am happy to report have a new series of stamps available at  I couldn't be happier with them, they are absolutely darling and parts of each set will be featured in my new magazine article for Scrap and Stamp.  I hope you will come on over and visit with Jody at Treasured Times Rubber Stamps and take a look at this new series.

Can't you just see using these for Spring and Mother's Day????  Hmmmmm......  Can't wait for you to see the new article and what I did with portions of each set along with a stamp that traditionally would be used at Christmas but I used for Spring and gardening.  Pretty clever if I must say so myself.  LOL.  

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these stamps.