Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jump for Joy Characters

I am so happy with the Jump for Joy characters and am starting to work on the Halloween set which are also just darling.  They will be available as wood ornaments that can be displayed or painted on Trick or Treat Bags.  Wouldn't that be adorable!!!  I guess I had better get busy because they are calling to me. 

Like many of you when I paint I don't really want to use the same surface that the artist has painted the pattern on.  I want to add my own spin to a project and use a surface that is more appealing to me.  That is what I love about the Jump for Joy characters, they can be painted on so many different surfaces and used in so many different ways.  The sky is the limit.  I hope that many of you will share with me your creative uses for my patterns. 

When I designed the four boys for the All Seasons Bank I put them on a bank but you could easily put them on anything including cards.  I show these boys in all four seasons so imagine what you could do with them.  Here you see all four of the boys on the pattern.  I love them and love that they are boys although if you wanted them to be girls it is just a simple matter of changing the hairstyle which would be an easy fix.  Someone asked me when I'd do the girls and laughed because when I designed these thought how easy it would be to give them longer hair to be used as girls. 

This pattern is available at under the Jump for Joy pattern category. 

Spring Erik Mixed Media Canvas

I finished it!!!!  Love him.  He is painted and would make a darling canvas to put on display during the spring and summer months or put into a child's bedroom.  I'm delighted with how the background turned out and used some rubons to add interesting elements. Have you ever used rubons?  I hadn't used them before discovering them this fall and now I love them.  What an easy exciting way to add detail and interest to your projects.  I always decoupage over the top of rubons so that they become permanent on the canvas.  I love this stamp and would love to see what you do with the stamp or with the pattern.  It just goes to show that there are so many different options for a pattern if you think outside the box.  Any thoughts? 

Did you read in one of my previous posts about the coupon code that I am offering to any of you who email me?  Hope to hear from some of you. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Jump for Joy Mixed Media Part 10

I was concerned about making sure that the blue water showed up on the blue background and I was happy with the result.  I really tried to convey the look of the water splashing all over the place when this little boy jumps in the puddles.  What do you think.  Funny thing is I just realized that I've never dry brushed the little boys cheeks.  LOL.  Soon!!!!  I'm delighted to receive your comments and it means so much to me that you are enjoying this series of posts. 

Spring Jump for Joy Mixed Media Canvas Part 9

Starting to work on the splashing water.  I'm still having fun with this little guy.  Once I am finished painting him, I will start working on adding additional detail to the background in the way of rubons. 

Spring Jump for Joy Mixed Media Canvas Part 8

Added the face.  Thoughts? 

Spring Jump for Joy Mixed Media Canvas Part 7

I've been busy painting this canvas and think he is darling.  I haven't heard from any of you so I can only imagine that you are keeping up with this series as he is progressing.  I've been trying to post weekly and even daily to some degree as time permits.  I'd love to hear from you. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Jump for Joy Canvas Part 6

The shaded areas really made this rain slicker and boots come to life.  Are you painting along with me?  I added Deco Art Glamour Dust Champagne paint to the rain slicker, hat, and boots to make them pop off of the canvas.  The photo doesn't do the glitter paint justice.  Bummer!

If you want to add the boy to your canvas you can purchase the E-Pattern off of my website at
the following link or make your life easier and purchase the stamp from Treasured Times Rubber Stamping 

Just a little hint, very soon this little guy is going to be available as a set with some really adorable rainy day stamp items.  I also know that the owner Jody Stacy is planning to offer him as a digi stamp.  How easy is that?  One of these days when I have a chance I'm planning to Decoupage the image that I colored using my Copic Markers to a canvas.  Wouldn't that be cool? 

Interested in using the same Copic Markers that I used to color him?  Remind me and in one of my posts I will list the markers that I used. 

As an unannounced bonus to any of you who really want to paint this little guy I'm offering a coupon code to anyone who emails me interested in this pattern on my website for 20% off of your entire order. Just mention in your email something that you have enjoyed about my blog and enjoy a one time use coupon.  Checking to see if anyone really reads these posts.  LOL. 

Spring Jump for Joy Canvas Part 5

Still working on this little rain boy and have added the yellow to his slicker, hat, and rain boots.  He is coming along.  Slowly but surely.  LOL.  Tomorrow I will add the photo showing the shading and highlighting on the yellow areas.  I love the background, he just pops out.  Now to figure out how to paint the puddles so they pop out of this blue canvas.  Can you see the bees on the front?  I love that stencil from Crafter's Workshop, it was an impulse purchase and I'm really happy that I felt the need to own this one.  LOL.