Sunday, April 28, 2013

Froggy Went a Courtin' Mixed Media Pattern

I laugh whenever I post a new pattern on my website because I always think it is my new favorite.  LOL.  I feel the same way with this pattern but really love how versatile this project is.  It can be adapted to so many different surfaces.  I love how fun and whimsical this piece is.  I call this a mixed media piece but the only additional media that I used was the sheet music in the center of the design which was decoupaged onto the wood piece.  Have you used the Deco Art Decou-Page?  It is fantastic and I've used other brands of decoupage over the years and this is my favorite. 

 The wood piece that I used for this piece is available from and was fantastic to paint.  I didn't see this piece on their website but if you give the guys a call I'm sure that they would be happy to ship it to you.  It will also be available in Chicago at the SDP National Convention in May in their booth.

I hope you will take a look at this project and leave me your comments.  I'm in the process of making decisions on new patterns that I will be working on this summer and love to hear your thoughts on new pattern ideas. 

Lamby Mixed Media Jump for Joy Canvas

Lamby is so fun and so easy to finish as are the other two characters in this pattern, you literally can do the bulk of the painting by stippling.  This would make such an easy project to do for your shows.  I love how bright and cheerful these patterns are, they just make me smile.  Keep an eye out for the new Jump for Joy projects that are coming soon. 

Mixed Media Jump for Joy Easter Ducky Canvas

Here is my Ducky Mixed Media Canvas from the pattern and love the colors in this project.  What do you think?  What creative ways can you come up with to use this pattern?   When I design a pattern I like to think outside the box and imagine how many other ways  we can use the pattern and I know from my research that most of you do the same thing.  This is evident in the many different surfaces that most of you use when painting a pattern.  I'm planning other seasonal Jump for Joy patterns that should be available later on this spring or early summer.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Mixed Media Jump For Joy Canvas Bunny

We finished our remodel a few weeks ago and I have had time to paint and was able to finish up the mixed media Easter Jump for Joy canvases.  This pattern is available on my website and I'm delighted with how these turned out.  I'm still deciding what to do with them and am seriously considering selling them on my webste as finished pieces.  Wouldn't these be fun to put out during the holidays.  I love the combination of Washi Tape, scrap booking paper, and paint to complete this canvas.  This was so easy to do and with the addition of Peter on the canvas shows just how easy it is to take a design and change it to make it your own.  What surfaces or creative ways can you think of to use this pattern?  I'd love to hear your comments. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We are making progress.  Maybe it will be finished by this weekend.  Loving it!!!!

OK, we have been in the thick of remodeling and thankfully and gloriously it is coming to an end.  Hopefully by the end of this week everything will be finished and we LOVE it!!!!  So far we have replaced all of the counter tops in the house, new floors in the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and master bedroom.  Additional tile in the kitchen and bathrooms.  I thought that I'd share a few photos of the mess in the bathroom due to our fantastic tile guy, he is amazing and so clever.  I was on spring break this week and it was a good thing because as is usually the case when you are in the process of building there are numerous trips to town to get supplies and help with a variety of  projects as well as deal with the occasional crisis.  Fortunately we only had a few of those.  I nailed all of the molding back up onto the walls today and got to use the NAIL GUN!  What an amazing invention.  I had a blast and felt totally empowered.  LOL. We are thrilled to have our house back but now we have to put it all back together, we have been living in chaos for almost 3 months now, it will be nice to have things back where they belong.  The kitchen has been functional for a week now and today could actually do laundry in the house.  YaaHoo!!! 

What do you think?  Isn't the tile amazing.  I actually took a bath in this tub the other night just to be able to sit and enjoy the ambiance. 

Now back to try to get some painting done to meet those deadlines.