Saturday, September 20, 2014

I used the new Deco Art Media Paints on my Gelli Plate.

I wondered how the new Deco Art Media Paints would work on my Gelli Plate and gave it a try this afternoon.  What a wonderful couple of relaxing hours I spent playing in the paint.  I was curious whether or not they might stain my Gelli Plate because they are supposed to be highly pigmented. I am happy to report they did not, the Traditions paints do stain the Gelli Plate, that isn't a problem and doesn't hurt the plate but if that bothers you then you may reconsider using the Traditions line when gell printing.

The new Deco Art Media Paints worked brilliantly and because they are slightly transparent actually worked great when layering the paint.  You can see in my sample on top that many of the layers actually show through the previous layer which I really liked.

This bottom photo shows some of the deli paper prints which I used to clean up the Gelli Plate in between prints which I had not done before and really loved.  They will be great for collage in my art journal.  

If you have never tried Gelli Printing you really should give it a try, Joan Bess over at Gelli Arts has developed a super product and provides so much wonderful instruction on their blog.  She recently published a new book which is very thorough and so well done.  I have two plates an 8"X10" and a 12"X14" sized plate, both are great but if I were going to recommend one for a beginner I would recommend the 8"X10".  It is a more manageable size.  

Now I have to decide what to do with this print.  HMMMM?????  I really love how random this print is.  Stop by at a later date and we will see what I do with it.  Thoughts?  

Another Set of Doodled Porcelain Pieces using the amazing Deco Arts Glass Paint Markers

These are so addicting.  I can see why people love to Zentangle, it is just plain fun and so relaxing.  I've been working on these in the evenings when I am watching TV and only have two more plain white pieces of porcelain.  I guess I am going to have to make a run to the store again to purchase more.  Maybe I should try the Dollar Store?  Do they carry plain white porcelain?

I tried adding some color to these and I was really pleased with the result.  The previous pieces were only black and white but I wanted to experiment with color and I was thrilled with the result.  I think these are going to be great for impromptu gift giving during the course of the year and these are the perfect size for rings and jewelry on a table or dresser.  Shhhh.... don't tell my friends.  LOL.

For those of you who have not tried these markers, give them a shot.  They really are easy to use although they do have a bullet tip which is large for some of the fine detail work that I would like to do.  Maybe Deco Art will consider coming out with a finer tipped marker?  Maybe I will suggest that when I call them at some point in time.  I'm sure there are countless uses for these markers and really do wonder how they would do on wood or paper.  They do need to be heat set to be dishwasher safe but on wood or paper that wouldn't really matter.  HMMM...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Art Journal Part 2

I've been working on this Journal Page for the past few days and have really had a wonderful time playing in the paint.  I LOVE how it turned out, I love the vibrant colors and love the Dr. Seuss quotes that I used.  He is such an amazing author, so many of us grew up with his books clever unique text and now that I am looking for quotes to illustrate I seem to gravitate toward his.  Here I used two of his quotes.

I wanted to try something that I have not done before.  I recently watched a technique video by mixed media artist Kari McKnight Holbrook and she completes her lettering on deli paper and then adheres it to her page and I really wanted to try that.  I thought it was brilliant, it made lettering sooooo easy!  I could do all of my changes on the deli paper, ink, and then decoupaged it onto the page.  The deli paper was truly translucent and seemed to melt into the page.  I wanted more color around the lettering though and used my Caran D'Ache Neocolor 2 crayons to add additional color.  The first quote I used Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life was completed on the deli paper but the arrow quote was not.  Can you see the difference between the two?  The arrows are slightly more vibrant but if I didn't know that there was a difference I'm sure that I couldn't pick it out.

Here is the finished piece, I added a Cat in the Hat hat and added a girl pointing toward the quote on the arrows.  My goal was to use the new Deco Art products and this project evolved into something that I really enjoyed and played with a few new techniques  as well as try out some new products.   I'd say that was a successful project.  Don't you? 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Art Journal Using Deco Art Media Products Part 1

When I sat down to experiment further with the new Deco Art Media Products I thought why not get out my art journal and see how they react on paper. I don't work in my art journal that often but really enjoy the freedom that it allows me to try out new ideas, products, and to basically give myself the freedom to just play.  The products certainly didn't disappoint and were just as wonderful on paper as they have been on both canvas and wood.  

I began by spraying the Red and Yellow Misters onto the art journal paper which I had sprayed with clean water to pre-wet the paper.  I closed the book to transfer a small amount of the mist to the opposite page.   The mists produced a good quality spray and coverage was outstanding.  The two colors mixed very well and when additional water was sprayed onto the page continued to blend nicely.  I did let this layer dry as I wanted them to be completely permanent before starting to layer paints onto the paper.  

I began the layering process allowing areas of the mist to show through.  I only used the Media Fluid Acrylics and played with mixing the paints, stenciling the paints and adding  sprays over the paint layers.

I was extremely pleased with how the paints performed.  Excellent quality and very good coverage especially when mixed with White which allowed for less transparency and more opaque paint coverage.  I felt that I needed some color pop onto the page and added another layer of the Yellow Spray which softened the purple side and colored the white areas on the white page.  

I continued adding layers of paint, stencil, and additional sprays until I found something that I was starting to like.  

Earlier this spring I purchased a variety of paint markers, some were empty and I could add my own paint colors while others were pre-filled.  I especially wanted to try the Molotow brand as I had heard amazing things about their quality but then found the Montana brand on sale, and already owned the Uni Posca.  I had heard a variety of different opinions on the paint markers and I really wanted to experiment and see which ones I liked.  They all work well and I used some of them on these pages to write with as well as to add a splash of paint color.  I used them to both add areas of color and to write some text with.  I need to work with them further but was impressed with all.  Some of the empty Molotow tend to leak which I find annoying and I preferred the finer tips but still will find uses for all of them.  But that is a post for a later date.  

 You can also see the Tim Holtz stencil which was used, I love his stencils and some paint stamps which Laurie Spelt has recently released which I love.  I have a project coming out later on this year for Artists Club that I use her stamps on.  I love them and did use them here with the Fluid Acrylics.  You can also see a small bottle, which once held eye drops which I washed out and have been using to add splashes of color to my journal pages.   I filled it with the Fluid Acrylics and it worked great.  

This was a little longer post than usual and now I have to get busy and think about what I want to add to these pages.  HMMMM.......  

Do any of you have the Acrylic Paint Markers?  Which brands do you prefer.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

The Pixelated Palette

I had promised you a second project using the new Media Product line from Deco Art but the e-zine Pixelated Palette picked up this project and have published it in their first issue.  I was delighted and simply could not refuse.  Click on the banner and you will be directed right to the e-zine. Who refuses to be published?  LOL.  The great thing is that you can view this first issue for free and the project that I had promised you is found in its complete format in the issue.  Now you don't have to wait for a few weeks to see the finished piece.  I've also been asked to do a follow up by putting something on the background and that will be published in their October issue.  Feeling thrilled!

Take a look at the e-zine and see if it isn't something that you would like to subscribe to, the cost is very reasonable and after having lost all of our magazines in the industry this is something that I welcome.  I really like the format and hope that you will too.  Take a look and come back here and leave me a message.  I'd love to hear your thoughts about the magazine and this project.