Thursday, June 1, 2017

70 Days Art Challenge with Kelly Hoernig

I began an art challenge with the talented Kelly Hoernig 18 days ago and it will last for 70 days.  She was inspired to begin this challenge after traveling to France and becoming inspired by Van Gogh.  I may have been drawn to this challenge because Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists, maybe it is because he lived such a tortured life but I prefer to think that I am inspired by his genius.  Needless to say I joined the challenge knowing that I struggle to be consistent during an art challenge, at some point in time during the challenge I lose interest and only do those daily challenge pieces which interest me.  I am determined to finish this challenge completely and am finding it to be an inspirational activity.  For one thing I've had the opportunity to use both my acrylics and my watercolors.  I tend to let my watercolors sit instead of using them as often as I'd like but decided to pull them out and to use them this time.  I'm finding that even though I may not like a daily challenge piece the opportunity to stretch myself as an artist is really appealing.  Hopefully I will not lose interest and will continue to be consistent with this challenge as it may help me grow as an artist.

Kelly has given us a series of words as prompts and then we take those words and use the word to develop an artistic interpretation of the word.  She also films a series of videos each week showing a variety of techniques.  I've learned new techniques as well as being inspired by the talented artists who are participating.  They are all amazing.    

These are just a few of my daily challenge pieces:

You can read all about the challenge and join us on her website at