Friday, August 2, 2013

Halloween Jump for Joy

I'm working on it and am in the final stages of editing the pattern so............... it is coming very soon.  I'm anxious to get it out to all of you and see what you think.  I love these guys and spent all day today taking photos trying to get close-ups as well as the pattern photo.  There will be 5 photos included in the pattern showing close-ups of each character.  I will be carrying the pattern as well as the ornament pieces that are laser cut and a fantastic quality.  A quick coat of sealant on the front and back and you are ready to start painting.  Because they are laser cut there is no sanding to be done on the sides of the piece, absolutely fabulous.  I have a Halloween display piece where I display small Halloween ornaments but if you don't then paint these on different surfaces.  How about a canvas, a treat bag, as an insert to a picture frame, on a bowl to give out candy, a plate, etc.  I can't wait to share these with you.  What do you think? 


  1. Love the witch with the cobweb in her hat! ;) And Frankenstein!
    In tole painting, do you use regular acrylics? I think I need to look it up, huh!? ;)
    Minerva aka CC

    1. Any type of acrylic paint will work, could easily use oils as well.