Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Display Your Jump for Joy Characters Part 2 Adding the Mixed Media Element

So here we are with step 2 of the clothespin display piece and I decided that I wanted to use pattern/scrapbooking paper on the front of this, that is why we didn't need to paint the front of the clothespin in the last step.  I love patterned paper and use it frequently.  I can't see a good reason to not use it, someone very talented has been paid a great deal of money to design gorgeous papers and I for one think that is brilliant.  I love streamlining my painting and do not feel the need to always use traditional painting techniques, in fact love how creative you can be when you are mixing it up a bit.  That is what mixed media is all about.  You don't have to use premade paper, you can make your own pretty easily if you prefer.  These were scraps from another project which makes the frugal part of me do the  happy dance, I cut them to fit and used Deco Art Decou-Page to glue them to the front of the clothespin.  Another fantastic product from Deco Art that you should try if you have not.  How fun is this, you basically are designing your own project by choosing patterned paper that you like. This is the just the beginning of the process of building layers to add depth to the background.

What are your thoughts?  Are you interested in where this is heading? 

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