Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vacation Photos Part 2

I loved this photo, you can see in the foreground of this photo the rock outcropping and when the tide goes out this area is accessible as Tide Pools.  We enjoyed walking down at the beach and seeing the star fish, mussels, sand crabs, and small fish to name just a few of the sea creatures that we saw.  We showed our nephew and his friend the Tide Pools but honestly they were more interested in sand surfing that sharing in the Tide Pool discoveries.  LOL. 

Have you ever watched sand surfing or sand boarding?  It is a fun activity and was new to me, the boys used boogie boards or an actual sand board which looked like a small version of a snow board and would literally board down the sand dunes.  I think they had sand in parts of their bodies that I'd have preferred to not but they loved it. 

I've been fortunate to visit a number of tropical regions and have watched surfers in Hawaii and in the Caribbean but for some reason surfing in the Pacific seemed more impressive to me probably because it was too cold in my opinion to get into the water to wade let alone surf.  Naturally they all wore wet suits but even with a wet suit I'm afraid that it would have been too cold for me. 

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