Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Display Your Jump for Joy Characters

I'm jumping for joy over these little characters!!!!  Can you just imagine me jumping all over my house.  LOL.  SCARY!  I love how cute and whimsical these characters are and I would use them just as ornaments, as I've said before I have a display piece that I bring out at Halloween to display all of my adorable decorations.  I think I found it at Hallmark a number of years ago and have used it for years, my children loved putting it up every year.  I would add these Halloween Jump for Joy characters to my display piece but what if you don't have a cute display piece but still want to display your darling characters?  I started searching through my stash of wood pieces and found these 12" wooden clothespins.   I thought Ahhh Hahhh, these would be perfect.

Of course I prepped the clothespins by sealing them with Wood Sealer, I used Deco Art which is a fantastic product.  I also used Deco Art Acrylic for the remainder of this project. I wanted these to look a little random with a mottled painted look and I also knew that I wanted this one for the Halloween characters and chose to use shades of orange.  I started by painting it with Tangelo Orange and washed the paint onto the sides and back of the piece.  Why not the front?  You will see in a while, I am building the suspense here in case you were wondering.  I liked being able to see the wood grain through the paint but really wanted it to have more color, I used a 3/4" flat brush and loaded the end of the brush with Tangerine, tipped one corner into Tangelo Orange and the other into Jack-O'-Lantern.  Took the brush directly to the piece and began using a slip slap brush technique to apply the paint, randomly blending the paint back and forth, reloading as I needed to achieve the look that I wanted.  PERFECT!  Just as I had hoped it would look. 

Check back later this week to see how this progresses!  Again building the suspense. 

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