Monday, July 29, 2013

Halloween Jump for Joy

Another whimsical design that isn't a pattern yet but will soon be ready for publication.  This is a sneak peak of my Halloween Jump for Joy pattern.  I love these chubby little characters and would love to see these painted on a different surface, a treat bag, or Halloween candle stands, a photo album.  I like to design projects that have potential for other uses other than the one that I have completed.  Wouldn't these be cute on small canvases?  Any ideas? 


  1. How about decorating a candy basket that you give away the candy from? (Bad sentence!) Or on a wreath for your door? Or like a garland for the fireplace or door with all the characters looped together? Ever need ideas, I'm too full of 'em! ;)
    Minerva, aka CC

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Great minds think alike. LOL. Keep them coming. Hugs.