Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Display Your Jump for Joy Characters Part 3 adding in the Mixed Media Element

Mixed Media is all about adding layers which then gives your piece the illusion of depth.  I love that about it and I love the creative freedom which is generated by the process.  Often I will use my finger to paint with because I want a certain look which I can't achieve with a brush.  As I looked at the clothespin I felt that it was too bright, consequently I thinned Deco Art Jack-O'-Lantern Orange down with a drop of water using my finger on my palette and smeared the paint onto the edges and over some of the patterned paper areas to soften the harshness of the paper and then using the same technique smeared Deco Art Snow White over some of the center to lighten it just a bit.  I like this technique, it is so random and I love the tactile feel of the paint on my fingers that I feel particularly connected to the project.  Sounds crazy and guru I realize but it give me a freedom that a brush won't give. 

Thought?  Do you like the idea of working like this?

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