Monday, August 19, 2013

Mixed Media Halloween Part 3

Time to add the color!  Of course I couldn't just leave the white canvas and added shades of orange and yellow, as well as Glamour Dust Black Paint.  As I stated in my earlier posts I often paint using my fingers and like to be able to smooth the paint out onto the patterned papers, for whatever reason I feel like I have the control to blend the paint and smearing it precisely where I want it to be thinning it with water to achieve a random wash of paint.  You should feel free to use paintbrushes if you prefer, often people do not like to get paint on their hands but that isn't something that bothers me. 

Can't you just see the Jump for Joy Characters displayed on this as well???? 


  1. What a fun mixed media piece! Looks great!
    Minerva, aka CC

    1. Minerva, You have become my best blog friend. Thanks for all of your support. Love your comments.