Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tin Tooled Poinsettia Part 2

Tin Tool the Poinsettia:

Transfer the large and small Poinsettia petals; decide how many you will need to complete your flowers.  Use the attached line art.  Remember to transfer enough to use some as green leaves as well.  The smaller petals will be layered over the larger or can be used as a smaller flower.  Transferring is very easy, place the line drawing onto the tin and using your stylus draw over the lines working on a soft mat or a magazine.  This will transfer the design to the tin, go over the lines again to deepen the ridges on the tin.  Remember this side will actually become the back as this is a reverse embossing technique.  To allow the tin to stretch you will need to work on a soft mat or a magazine. 


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