Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tin Tooling Part 5

     Tin is very sturdy and will hold up well on anything that is going to be for decorative purposes however if you are planning to put this tin piece onto a box for example you will want to add household spackle to the back to fill in your design, then glue it to the piece and it will hold its shape with repeated use otherwise the tin will eventually mash down. 

Copper is a fun tin to work with and really requires little in the form of color, a really fun thing to do with copper is to heat it using a heating tool, I used my heat gun for embossing.  Hold the copper with a pair of pliers as the copper will get hot and heat the copper shape and see the interesting colors that appear.  This leaf card is one that I did using that technique.  Liver of Sulpher is a chemical treatment that you can also use on copper but the copper has to be the real deal otherwise it won’t work.  Sometimes copper tin is just colored copper you need the actual copper to make this work.  A friend and I tried this once with mixed results


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