Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tin Tooled Owl Project Step 4

·         You can add interesting detail to the outer edges of the design, I’m showing you how to use a stencil but you could easily use a texture plate, texture tools, or border tools.  Place the stencil onto the tin so that you either emboss or deboss depending on how you want the design to present, I chose to place the stencil on the back and using a blending staub worked my way around the sunflowers pressing and stretching the tin (embossing) to show the 3-D effect.  The stems were actually too small for me to get my stylus into the space and I chose to use an ink pen to transfer the lines to the back of the tin and then using my stylus pressed down to emboss each line and leaf consequently transferring the design (embossed) onto the front.  You could choose to transfer the design the opposite way (debossed) and that would be interesting as well but could pose problems when trying to add the design to a flat surface. The stencil that I used is a metal Dreamweaver stencil but a plastic stencil would also work.  If you choose to use a plastic stencil you may need to spend more time in the embossing process.   


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