Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tin Tooled Owl Project Step 3

·         Turn the owl over so you are working on what is actually the front of the design and work on a hard flat surface, you no longer want your tin to stretch.  Using your stylus refine the design by working with the pointed end of the stylus next to either side of the ridge line that was formed in the previous step.  There is no need to press as hard as you did in the previous step but your goal is to allow the line to pop out and gently press those flat areas of the design gently back down.  Work your way around all of your ridge lines on the design.  You can also use the flat end of your stylus and work your way around the outer edges of the design to gently flatten the negative space outside the owl.  You can easily use your finger for this stage. 
The blending staub may also be used to help refine the front of your piece. 

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