Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tin Tooling Part 4

       You can use so many different products to add color to your project from acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and markers.  Typically I use Sharpie Markers with my students, again because they are readily available and fairly inexpensive and my student have access to them at home, however I have used my Copic Markers and my Faber Castel Markers on them.  Alcohol inks work really well and you can paint them onto the piece, I’ve also used acrylic paints to add an aged look similar to antiquing but because acrylic paint is fairly opaque you lose the metallic look, I prefer something that will go on transparent to allow the metal to show.  Deco Art used to have a metal paint that worked well and I’m sure that enamel paint will also work however again you have an opaque look.  Just my bias and you will have to decide for yourselves what you prefer. 
Another fun way to add color to your tin piece is to use embossing powders just like you would if you were rubber stamping. 

And then of course heat with your heat tool for embossing, giving you an enamel look to your tin piece. 


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