Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tin Tooled Owl Project Step 1

Christy Hartman

All patterns and designs Copyright © belong to Christy Hartman.  All rights reserved.  These projects may be painted for personal use/personal profit but may not be reproduced for graphic or scrapbook use for resale.  Photocopying and all other types of mechanical reproduction are prohibited.   Patterns may not be republished, distributed, transmitted, displayed, broadcast, or reproduced for any business/commercial purposes without written permission from the artist. 

Tin Tooled Owl Project:   Over the course of the next few posts you will see me complete a project using basic tin tooling techniques using embossing, debossing and refining.  I chose to tin tool an owl but you may choose any design.   


Tin (gauge of your choice, note the previous posts describing tin), stylus, drawing blending staub, texture tools (optional), coloring materials of your choice. 


·         Tape the design to the side of your tin that you want to be the back. Remember this is a reverse embossing process and we will begin the design on what will become the back.  Using a stylus trace over the design on the tin making sure to work on a magazine or your choice of soft material that will allow your tin to stretch.  The stylus will transfer the design to the tin, this is not a painting technique and you will not need a transfer material. Use enough pressure to transfer the design, similar to using a pencil.  

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