Monday, February 18, 2013

Jump for Joy Easter Canvas Part 3

Yesterday I managed to get the Jump for Joy Lamby character started and actually almost finished with the exception of the face and a few details.  Easy Peasy!!!!  Seriously, the body is stippled with the same brush and I didn't even clean my brush in between applications.  It took me literally less than an hour to do the body, ears, hands, and feet.  So simple!  To finish this character all I would need to do if finish up the face and any other details that I chose to do.  The other characters are also just as simple and require primarily stippling to complete the bodies.  Keep an eye out for the other characters as I finish them up and post examples right here. 

The instructions for this character are in the pattern on my website.  Take a look at it.  What other options do you think would be a good for this pattern for alternate surfaces?  How about Easter Cards? 

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