Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tin Tooled Owl Project Step 6 Coloring

·         I also wanted to make sure that I showed you how to use embossing powders to add color.  Emboss using your usual stamping embossing powders and materials in exactly the same method for stamping.  (note the earlier post).  Instead of using a stamp pad I used my Versamarker on the owl which allowed me to get into the small detail areas.  This is completed using stamping techniques. 

Maybe you don't want to emboss on your tin and instead would like to add color using permanent markers instead.  A variety of markers work well on tin including any of the markers shown in the photo.  I use Sharpie markers because through trial and error have found that I prefer the intensity of the color that is produced.  Any size and shape will work depending on the size of your project.  I used the Ultra Fine Sharpies for the detail areas and the Fine tipped markers for the larger areas. 
Here is another option for finishing your tin project.  I added texture to the background and colored the entire piece with Sharpie Markers. 
As you can see this finished piece is slightly different from the previous piece.  This can be a stand-alone piece or can be cut out and used in a different way.


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