Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jump for Joy Canvas

I know that many of us try to use painting patterns in other ways and I began wondering how else could I use the Jump for Joy Easter Ornament pattern.  The obvious ways were to use the ornaments on an Easter basket, or an Easter box, or perhaps a plate.  Next I thought about something out of the box and my thought was to use the 1 1/2" wide Gallery Wrap canvas to make a mixed media project with these characters. 

I painted the background of each canvas with Deco Art Americana Acrylics and began layering paint using a variety of stencils.  You can see that I used many of my usual favorite stencils that I have discussed in other posts.  The chevron, dots, but then wanted to incorporate two new stencils that I had just purchased and received in the mail earlier this week.  I love these 6"X6" stencils from Crafters Workshop the Mini Stitch Doodle Dot and the Mini Pattern Strips.    They work so well.  I then decided to add some scrapbooking paper decoupaged onto the canvas in a variety of patterns and colors.  The canvas seemed to still be missing something and brought out some of the new Washi Tapes that had also just come in the mail.  I also added my Sew Easy Music Note stamp and loved the look of these. 

I'm in the process of painting the characters onto the canvases and will post how they look as soon as I finish them up. What do you think?  If you love these characters as much as I do come on over to C. Hartman Designs and purchase the pattern and come paint with me.  I always love painting with my painting friends. 

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