Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Painting Las Vegas Report

I'm here in Las Vegas enjoying the Creative Painting show.  The weather is fantastic, light jacket weather and lots of sun.  It felt absolutely glorious, the wind was blowing today but even that felt good after leaving winter weather.

The show has been good, lots of new patterns at all of the booths.  It seemed that most attendees were helping out the painting economy.  Zentangled projects were all the rage and were found in a variety of surfaces and genre.  Wooden keys are very popular and could be found at many of the booths from whimsical designs to prim and from a variety of artists.  Hopefully this bodes well for my new key designs.  People seemed to be enjoying them.  Ornaments were also shown in large quantities as well as anything Halloween.

I spent time at a number of booths to watch a number of interesting demos, Loew Cornel had some very interesting new brushes that were new for this show, very unique and interesting brush shapes.  I spent some time at the Loew Cornel booth watching Giselle Pope demonstrate the new brushes,very interesting.   I   was particularly interested in the glass etching demo from B and B Etchall, I use their products and can vouch for their quality.  I was also interested in the use of stencils from Dreamweaver Stencils which I have used in my recent tin tooling blog posts.  As many of you know I am a huge fan of using stencils and have blogged repeatedly about their use in painting projects.  If you like metal stencils these are amazing.

I'm happy to report that my friends at the Ideal Wood Products Inc. seemed to be selling their amazing wood products as well as my patterns and the other artists that they carry.   As soon as I get home I will post photos that I took of their booth and their amazing products.

Tomorrow I spend the day with Bobbie Takashima in a painting class.

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