Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marker Comparison Part 2

I was actually taken aback at how popular my marker comparison was, in that post I promised a second comparison when I received my order for  refills and a new empty paint marker.  Here I have compared Molotow One 4 All in Black and White,  the Montana Acrylic Prefilled White as well as an Empty Montana Extra Fine marker which I added Golden Carbon Black in High Flow.  I also wanted to test my White Signo Gel Pen over black acrylic which you can see in the second page.  

I'm not sure that Montana markers endorse using the Golden High Flow Acrylic in the markers or not, I have not checked into that but considering how effective the paint has been in my empty Molotow markers I thought that I'd give it a try.  So far so good.  In a later post you will see a lettering page which was completed using a combination of both the Molotow and Montana Black markers.  

I laid down a base color to use the black and white markers over with Golden High Flow which I also have in some of my Molotow Paint Markers, you can see the size of each marker and the paint color listed under each square.  I have highlighted the marker that I am testing above each square.  I also did a quick test on the page to the right of two black markers as well as X and a wiggle line to the right of the squares.  

My test is actually more for myself so I can see how opaque my markers were over acrylic paint.  The Montana White tended to be less opaque than the Molotow White however I preferred the tip on the fine point Montana to the fine tip Molotow.  The Montana Empty Marker which I filled with Golden Carbon Black worked really well although until I got it to flow properly actually blobbed a bit on some of the tests.  Surprisingly my White Signo Gel Pen seemed to be the most consistent and the most opaque, the only drawback to these is that when empty you have to purchase a new pen.  My general thought is that all work really well and it is mostly a case of personal preference more than a quality issue.  So buy any brand and I feel very confident that you will be happy with your choice.  

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