Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How Opaque are my Acrylic Markers and my Gel Pens? Testing Uni-ball, Gelly Roll, Molotow, Montana, Uni-Posca,Faber Castell and Sakura Products

Ok, so once I completed the test of my markers I wondered how opaque these brands would be on black card stock.  Once I started going through my stash I found a number of markers and pens that I wanted to test.  It was actually scary how many pens I own.  Maybe my husband was right when he saw me looking at pens online and mentioned that he thought I probably had enough......   HMMMM????  Awe, maybe not.  LOL.

I have seen a number of pen tests online through You Tube and Jet Pens which test in a similar manner and I actually liked how organized this seemed.  Now I have my cards which will be available when I am working on a project and want a specific style of pen.  This will be very useful.

It actually was an interesting test for me and I had some surprising results.  Some of the pens tend to "feather" out and appear to be out of focus on the page while others gave a super clear result and were actually the same size and same brand and had the same amount of use.  Consequently they came from the manufacturer this way.  Depending on your use would determine whether or not you were happy with that result, I can see ways that you could use those pens which would be fine.  I really noticed this in the Sakura Permapaque and the Faber Castell White Pitt Pen.  Of course the most precise lines came from the Gel Pens and the smaller acrylic paint pens.  You would expect that just because of the tip size.  When I compared the Sakura Permapaque to the Uni Posca I personally preferred the Posca Pen and think that I will continue purchasing those rather than the Permapaque.  I prefer a more precise line.  

Hmmm.......  Just thought of another test and in fairness to the Sakura brand, which I  prefer their Micron pens to any other permanent markers should do a full test of each of the Posca Pens like I did of the Sakura brand.  Look for that in the future.  

What are your thoughts?  I'd love to hear what you use?

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