Friday, October 10, 2014

8th Grade Mixed Media Project

Every so often I like to add a project to my curriculum which makes my students really think about the process and media that we are using.  I recently added a mixed media project for them to complete which has kind of rocked their world, in fact I heard from one student that this was a weird project.  LOL.  Made my heart sing to hear that... I knew for sure that I was making them stretch and think outside the box.  They are actually turning out really well.  I'm posting my class sample, when we get a few more completed I will post a few of theirs.
We began by collaging paper onto a piece of foamcore board, then added molding paste through a stencil and painted the background using either a monochromatic, analogous, or complementary color scheme.  The next stage was to sketch out a recognizable product which is popular in today's culture.  The lead in to this was a discussion about Andy Warhol and modernism.  We're not finished yet, I'm sure that I can rock their world a little more before I allow them to be finished.  

So far it has been an interesting experience for my students.  I will keep you all updated.  

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