Thursday, October 9, 2014

Marker Comparison of Uni Posca, Montana, and Molotow

As many of you are aware I am a huge marker fan.  In fact I pretty much love most art supplies, scary, but any of you who are also art supply junkies will understand.  I love all kinds of markers but have started using paint markers in the past year.  Since then I've collected a number of different brands and really wanted to compare them using some pretty simple comparisons.  Nothing terribly scientific but interesting none the less.  

I compared my Molotow Empty Markers which are filled with Golden High Flow Paints, the Montana brand of Acrylic Markers, and the Uni Posca Paint markers.  I did not include my Molotow prefilled markers in this comparison, mostly because I was out of the White ink and wanted to be able to test those when my order for white Molotow ink comes in.  If you look above you can see what I tested for....  

The first sample just shows the different tips that I have in markers and the ink/paint in the markers.  That is more for my information rather than a test.  The second photo shows the marker colors for the Uni Posca.   I then used both of my white markers Uni Posca markers in the 1mm and 3 mm size drawn over each paint color, here I was testing to see how opaque the white markers were when drawn over another color.  I've recently read some comments online that artists are concerned that their Uni Posca White markers are not always consistently opaque.  I did not have that problem until I used it over the black ink which can be seen in the third photo.  I also tested two of my white gel pens over the Posca ink and had issues with those as well.  Maybe the Black is more the problem rather than the white?  

My next test will be to test the Molotow brand white and black ink to test for their ability to be opaque over black.  HMMMM..... My order doesn't come until next week for the ink so will have to wait for that.  

Do you use markers?  What brand is your favorite and why????  



  1. I have just started using markers, I first started journaling with them and now I am using some Distressed Ink markers, and Flesh copic marker and some Old Marvey markes and I want to start making my cards for christmas and I love to do the ATC cards and the marker make it easy to draw and quick color book look paint, I still need to learn to blend them, been watching You Tube, I am going from a Decorative painter with acrylic and oils to pens and colored pencils ans watercolor pencils and crayons, never to old to jump out of your box and learn something new. now I need some great journals. Loved your Blog on the colors and tips, I am going to give this a try, did it with my watercolor pencils and love refering to it when I am in need of the proper color.

    1. Hi Sharon, so,happy to see a comment from you. I've always been an admirer of your work. I love all types of markers and using them for card making and journaling. So much fun. Have you Gelli Printed? Again so fun! Come back to my blog and take a look at all of the information and keep commenting. I value your ideas.

  2. Yes I will Christy, I love your work and all the great information I get from the blogs, Yes I have played with my Geli plate some. My time is limited to how much time I have to play and I have to many toys to play with now. I am going to check out the rest of your Blog.

  3. Thank you again Sharon. I have been an art teacher for many years and love to encourage and share what I know through this blog. I understand about the lack of time, my dream day is to be able to spend the entire day in my studio. Maybe when I retire. Lol.