Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adding Sprays to your Gelli Prints.

Once in a while when I am printing on my Gell Plate I leave an amount of white space like you see in the print below and I like how the white appears as negative space while the colored images act as the positive space.  I've also added a stencil in the piece below but again used the negative image instead of the positive stenciled image.   In the piece you see above I used a similar technique leaving areas the white of the paper and then sprayed them with a colored spray.  I used the new Deco Art Media Misters, which I love, and used the yellow.  The moral of the story is to use your materials to make your prints come alive depending on the color and mood that you want to portray.  


  1. So many different products and so many wonderful ways you use them. I must buy a lottery ticket so I can have a trip to the States for a big stock up! Love your work. Marina


    1. Christy HartmanOctober 2, 2014 at 6:26 AM
      Thank you Marina, so happy to have you join me in my art journey. Come on over and we will play in the paint. Have you joined this group as a follower?

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