Monday, August 4, 2014

Background Magic Complimentary Background Tutorial

I had planned for this tutorial to be included in my new e-book Background Magic, but unfortunately we ran out of room because I have so many projects in the book.  Lucky for all of you because it is now a blog post as a freebie compliments of myself.   This tutorial shows how to paint the backgrounds similar to those completed in my  e-book Background Magic,  available on my website or on my Facebook page C. Hartman Designs.  The book is $9.99 which is a great value considering that there are 14 projects included in the book.  I hope you will come on over to my website and take a look.  

I began with a black piece of black card stock, this will work on either card stock or on a black painted background.  How about changing it up a bit and changing your background color?  As you can see I have also used a Deco Art Paint, Tim Holtz stencil, and a make-up sponge.  I love this technique as it allows me the freedom to layer my paint as I prefer and create a tremendous amount of depth in each piece once the design elements are layered over the background.  Everyone always asks me how I did that.  

The next two photos illustrate how to randomly stencil onto the background to achieve the pattern.  The paint color can be randomly applied so that you achieve different values applying more paint to some areas while less in others which will give you the look of light and dark areas.   
I could easily move my stencil around more achieving a more random look instead of the organized look you see here.  
Next add Glamour Dust Glitter paints randomly applied to the painted surface.  I used my fingers however you could easily use a brush if you prefer.  I feel like I have more control using my fingers.  
You can see the completed piece.  This can be used as a background for another project by overlapping a character or other design elements.  
Come take a look at the projects in my book to see how I've adapted this technique to a variety of projects and surfaces.  

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