Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deco Art Mixed Media Products Part 3

You can see that I've gone to town with paint mixing, blending and layering paint over my Gessoed and sprayed background.  I also began to layer Interference over portions of the paint layers, Interference is a translucent opalescent media with color suspended in it, it gave the paint a very subtle sheen which changed according to the light.  It was lovely and really enhanced the canvas.  You can also see that the stenciled area still shows between the paint layers, and harder for you to see but is still visible is the sprayed background.  

You can also see that I used a round container to stamp a variety of circles, I felt that the circles really added to the look since the stencil that I used also had that round motif!  I like to stick to motifs which seem to work together.  

Layering is one of my favorite background techniques to use in all of my painting not just mixed media, in fact in my new e-book Background Magic I go into detail as to how to layer paint and stencils to achieve a dimensional look.   

 In this photo you can see how the Interference really enhanced the look of the paint.  Love it!!!!  

Acrylic Paint is composed of  particles of plastic acrylic resin suspended in water and pigment which makes it a very strong durable paint and dries much more quickly than oils which makes it my media of choice.  

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