Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deco Art Glass Paints Part 2

Ok, so I'm hooked!  I love these Deco-Art Glass Paint markers and they make glass painting so easy!!!  I've always avoided painting on glass but now I can see myself using these markers a lot.  Make sure you read the manufactures use and instructions.

I am no Zentangle artist but I do like to doodle and that is what I'm claiming to do on these.  LOL.  Seriously I do not want to insult any of the Zentangler's out there by my amateurish attempt but I am enjoying the process.  My goal was to come up with something new for my friends for birthdays and the holidays.  I found many of the white glass pieces on sale at Pier 1 which made me really happy and different styles than I found at Target. I looked in many of my local second hand stores and didn't find anything that I wanted to use but will keep a look out because that would be a cheaper option.  I did look at Target for a white teapot and found one sooooo I may have to purchase one.  I then decided that I'd love to do something on a black piece and found this mug at World Market, not on sale, bummer.  When I completed the mug I blogged about in my last post I  tried to incorporate her name into the design and did the same thing for the friend that I am planning the black mug for, personalized just a bit!

I started out by laying out my basic plan using my Stabillo pencils, both black and white, they are a great glass/paper pencil and wipe off depending on the surface with either your finger or a little water on a paper towel.  Then used my white and black markers to complete the design and of course added much of the detail free hand.  I found that it was too difficult to keep the design on the piece when I was trying to ink/paint the detailed lines if I planned too much with my Stabillo pencil, my fingers kept wiping away the line work and decided that freehand was just easier.

Each glass piece would lend itself to different designs and I tried to visualize what patterns would showcase each glass piece.  I think that I need the colored markers as well and will need to invest because I have more plans for these.  I can totally see color added to the designs.  Can't you?

Google Zentangle designs  and you will find countless ideas for inspiration, there are some amazing Zentangle artists out there.  My hat is off to all of you.  Fun!

What do you think.


  1. Wow I think the pieces look great, I would love to get one as a gift!

  2. Thanks for the comment!!! Super! I would too but it is good to hear that someone besides me would like to receive one. Have you tried glass painting ever? My first try.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, Christy! I've avoided glass also, but you are causing me to consider the possitilities!

  4. I have avoided glass painting as well but I enjoyed this. Let me know if you try doodling on glass. I found it to be very relaxing. Lol. I didn't worry about making mistakes instead just thought that I could fix anything I wasn't happy with. That is pretty empowering. Let me know if you give it a go. I'd love to see the result.

  5. Lordy me still wish I lived close to you or you lived close to me so ya could teach me soom those idea's running in that nice head yours' Don't work to hard back at school,by by Your Friend in Va....whoot,

  6. I Wish we lived closer too. Wouldn't we have a great time. You always check up on my work and I so appreciate that. Hugs to you. I bet those boys are almost grown up.