Friday, August 15, 2014

Background Magic: A Project Variation Part 2

 These are the Elves completed on the background that I gave instructions for in my last post.  This set of elves are paper pieced and then shading and highlighting is added using Deco-Art paints.  Super simple and especially easy if you are painting for Christmas shows.  I've shown two samples below of how I pieced the paper onto the canvas, all of the painting instructions for this project can be found in my new e-book Background Magic.

I first cut the elf shapes out of brown card stock, you would not need to do this if you were painting one of the wood blanks which can be found on my website.  I simply did this so that I had a reference place to add the clothing to the elves, much easier to get everything lined up.  Deco-Art DecouPage is a wonderful product and is my go to glue for decoupaging.  It is a wonderful product and I recommend it highly.  

You can see in this photo that I have cut out and attached the clothing and am now ready to begin the painting process.  

What do you think?  Is this something that you would be interested in trying?  Take a look at my new e-book which can be purchased on either my website or can be purchased on my Facebook page Background Magic.

I am always thrilled when you leave comments.  Painting Hugs.  

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