Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Background Magic: A Project Variation

I'm sure that many of you are like me and do not always want to paint a project on the surface that the artist has chosen.  This post is all about using a project that I have in my new e-book Background Magic but placing it on a different surface.  In this case a small canvas, this project could be scanned and turned into Christmas Cards for your friends and family, maybe painted on a smaller canvas and hung on the tree as an ornament,  or sat on an easel to display during the holiday season.  Other ideas?  I'd love to hear them.

Here are the painting instructions for painting these little canvases, the instructions for the Christmas characters are available in my new book Background Magic.  The paints used were all Deco Art Americana and Glamour Dust paints.   Enjoy and I'd love to see what clever and creative uses you come up with.

Canvas Painting: 
·         Your canvas comes prepped and ready to paint.  Load your ¾” wash brush with Snow White, dip one corner into Indian Turquoise and the other into Sapphire, using a random slip slap technique take your loaded brush directly to the canvas painting the canvas, reloading as you need to.  Continue reloading and painting until you have achieved the look that you prefer. 
·         Wash Glamour Dust Aqua randomly onto the background.   
·         Cut out a variety of miscellaneous patterned paper that you can place on either side and decoupage them onto the canvas using Deco-Art Decou-Page. The paper that I used is a Provo Craft Brand that I had in my stash of papers. 
·          Using your favorite snowflake stencil add the snowflakes to the canvas using Snow White.  Stencil Stars using your favorite stencil onto the canvas using Moon Yellow and the dots with Sour Apple.

    Add Santa and Mrs. Claus to your canvas and  you have a set to use as cards or gift giving.  You can see below the card which I made after I painted the canvas with the characters, took a photo of it, printed it out on my computer and adhered the photo to the card.  What an easy way to make a fantastic gift to give to family and friends during the holidays.  

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