Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sculpting? Part Three

Usually when my father sculpts his goal is to bronze his pieces, that didn't seem terribly realistic for someone with my lack of experience.  Instead we decided that the fourth year of Father/Daughter Sculpting would be spent developing one of my characters.  We decided that we needed an inexpensive option for clay and after a little research opted to use Paper Clay.  Neither one of us had ever used it before so there was a definite learning curve.  We jumped in feet first, learning as we went.  We both agreed that it was an educational year for both of us.  The clay worked well but since we had always used oil based clay, this clay required different handling.

We decided that this guy looked somewhat like the sketch I had done, with a definite emphasis on "somewhat", but actually resembled a Gremlin more.  Thus his name is the Gremlin.  I think I should keep my day job!    Next year we will try again.  I still need to paint him and he could use some boots, however my initial instinct is to throw him away.  LOL.  Maybe this next year will give us better results.

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