Thursday, January 12, 2017

Things I Love.....

Things mean memories in some instances, most of the time they are just things, but when they evoke a memory then it becomes more. I thought that I would begin sharing some things which I love and the meaning behind each piece.  
 Did any of you wear galoshes when you were growing up?  Today boots are warm and fairly efficient for keeping you warm and dry, however back in the day they were not.  I had a white pair growing up and while they were great during the fall and spring, not so much during the winter.  I'm pretty sure I had warmer boots to wear during the winter months but I don't remember those.  I just remember the galoshes.  I found these in an antique store many years ago and just had to have them.  One of these days I'm going to paint these.   Funny thing about memories.
 The apple and cat peeking out on the left were given to me by students from my teaching days, These two students were some of my favorites and obviously gave really great gifts.  The cat is painted on a rock and has sat on this shelf for almost 15 years, reminding me of a female student that I was so fond of.   The apple came from a student whose mother also taught at the school where I spent my teaching career and she is till a good friend today.

The penguin was given to me by my parents one year in my stocking probably 20 years ago.  He is ceramic and survived the raising of children in our house, he is pretty resilient.

The elf was my Grandmother's who passed away many years ago and was always kept in one of her plants.  My mother knows how I love vintage items and gave this to me about 10 years ago.  The mini measuring cup is part of my miniature collection but it seemed to like sitting in this location so has stayed here.  

Memories!!!!  Gotta love them.  How do you keep your memories alive?  

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