Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sculpting? Part Two

When my father and I sculpt we always discuss in what direction I would like to go and how to accomplish that, during our third year we decided to work on a horses head.  Horses are one of my Father's specialties and I will say his are fabulous.  It was my turn to try to make my horses head look realistic, again I'm stretching as an artist to work on realism rather than my usual illustrative style.  Isn't that what we all strive for, to stretch our artistic wings?

Imagine my surprise when my head actually resembled a horse!  It wasn't gaunt or looked like it was starving, however we still need to get the neck on the horse but that will need to wait for next year as this year we decided to change gears and try our hands at bringing one of my characters to life.  Oh my, what a learning experience for both of us.  Check back for the next installment of my sculpting challenge.  

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