Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Art Journal #3

I again began with a grey and white stenciled layout, you might wonder why all the grey and white stenciling and that is because I began this process by using up some left over paint from a previous project on numerous pages in this book.  I then gessoed over the top of this with white gesso.  I'm not going to repeat the mistake from my last page.  

I added some Fluid Acrylics from Deco Art and used the Media sprays as well.

Added some white paint. Again Deco Art;  

Began applying layers of pink, turquoise and white as another layer.  

Added some dark values and some stenciling.  Too busy, need to tone this down.  

Painted over some of the darker values which I wasn't entirely happy with, needed to tone them down.  

Added more pink, turquoise, lime green as well as some dark value as stenciling.  Well with all of these layers I decided that the paper was either going to hold up or fall apart but it held up to many layers of paint.  I think I'm safe to use it as a mixed media journal. 

Added white gel pen and a little black gel pen.  I think I'm satisfied now.  All of the layers finally came together in a cohesive page.  My next problem to solve is how it stands up to adding ephemera.  

Do you do any art journaling?  Let me know what you think.   

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