Monday, July 29, 2013


I am known for my whimsical designs, at least I think so.  LOL.  When I was a child I always wanted to be an animator for Disney or a book illustrator.   Are you starting to see where the whimsical side comes from?  Needless to say neither of those aspirations came about but I do love designing whimsical designs.  These seasonal samplers are very whimsical in nature and in my opinion speak to a more vintage time period of quilted and needlework samplers.  Curious to see what all of you think.  This pattern called Samplers through the Seasons is available on my website and the wood pieces are available from the guys at Ideal Wood Products Inc. 


  1. OH! I wanted to be an Imagineer too! I have illustrated childrens' books, but want to do my own! (Once I get my act together!) Or just make greeting cards. We'll see! Love your work! Do your patterns come with instructions? Hahaha!
    Minerva, aka CC

    1. We seem to have a lot in common. I'd love to see your illustration work. Always thought that would be great to do and of course greeting cards. I'd want to do illustration work for a company or even be like Mary Engelbreit and be my own corporation. Love your comments.

  2. Here's my blog: Check under Old Work to see a couple pieces. Most of it is in my old illustration portfolio. It also has my email on it if you want it. As you can tell, my DH & I are truly mixed media artists. ;) But since my illness, I'm really trying to focus on art in my studio. My arms haven't got the strength right now for much more! Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post more soon, especially about Joanne's class! Slowly but surely I'm getting thru' it!
    Ciao, Bella!
    Minerva, aka CC
    P.S. On this page: can see some of the other/old stuff I did under Creative Decisions at the bottom awa some journal stuff above. LMK what you think!