Monday, July 15, 2013

Journaling 2

I have been working quite a bit in my journal this summer and am really enjoying the process.  We've done quite a bit of traveling this summer and my journal travels with me easily. I have a really small travel sized sketchbook and I've always taken it with me whenever we've traveled, it is great for sketching out quick ideas that come to me, fleshing out a project that I'm working on and just doodling for the sheer pleasure of doing just that. In fact I was sketching while I waited for my husband at his eye appointment the other day.  However I've kept my Journal for more formal or should I say finished projects.  I've been using my Copic Markers to complete these pages allowing me to work out some color combinations that I am interested in using, however this page is actually done with watercolor.  Twinkling H20's to be exact.  The beauty is that if I don't care for the combination then I just redraw the image and try a new color combination.  That is my idea of what a journal is meant to do, allow me to creatively and freely explore ideas, concepts, and just have fun without worrying about completing something that is artistically pattern ready.  

This is the third page that I am sharing where I was exploring a variety of different doodled ideas. 


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