Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Copic Marker Journaling and Papers to Use

Copic Markers are an amazing media and the best thing for is that they travel really well.  I take them with me whenever we travel choosing a limited palette and can work wherever we happen to be.  There are amazing tutorials out there on You Tube that will actually help you use this media if you are interested.  One tip that I'd like to mention is to use paper that will hold up to the alcohol inks or to at least put a couple papers behind to catch any bleed through that is bound to happen.  Someone asked me the other day if they should use watercolor paper with Copics and my response was to use a paper that has a smooth finish because your markers should glide across the paper rather than just being absorbed.  Watercolor paper will absorb your markers and you will not be able to blend as easily, not to mention will use up your marker rather quickly.  Of course you can always refill your marker but why not use papers that will lengthen the life of the marker?  There are numerous good quality papers out on the market that you can use very effectively to have a beautiful result, look for papers that are designed for marker use.  Canson, Strathmore, Stillman, Stonehenge just to name a few, most scrapbooking/stamping stores carry good quality paper that they recommend to their customers.  Try some out to see your personal preference. 
This project was completed on Strathmore Paper. 


  1. Hey, Christy! I found you! Love this piece! And now I know where to see your other work! Whoot!
    Minerva, aka CC

    1. Hello and welcome. So happy that you took the time to find me. That is fantastic.