Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jump for Joy Easter Canvas Ducky

This photo shows Ducky from the Easter Jump for Joy Pattern painted on a mixed media canvas. I have base coated,shaded, and highlighted the duck by stippling using a double and sometimes a triple loaded brush. It is such an easy process to paint this way, you could easily finish these ornaments for a show or gift giving in a short period of time. Of course I get to the detail in our next post.  Are you painting along with me?  I'd love to see your piece. 


  1. These Spring designs are just adorable, Christy! You've been awarded the Liebster Award. Please visit for more information. :-)

    1. Thanks Von, what an honor and thank you for that huge shout out. I'll have to get busy and decide who I want to bestow this honor to. Thank you again.