Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Remodel

I came home yesterday to new wood flooring!!!  I am not someone who particularly likes change and am notorious for initially not liking improvements in our house.  I was worried about the wood floors, believe me a 180 degree difference from what we orginally had.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!  Yay Hoo!!!  Surprisingly my husband was the one who was not sure that he liked the flooring and kept walking into the room to try to adjust to change!  LOL!  It is amazing how just changing the flooring in one room changed the feel of the house and that doesn't even count everything else we've done to the house.  What a difference.  So now onto the final phase of the remodel with the addition of tile, backsplashes, flooring, tub surround.  CAN'T WAIT.  Now to just get all of our "stuff" put back into the room, it is crazy how we could demolish it in a few hours but it takes days to get it all put back. 

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