Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home Remodel Demo Phase

Hello All,

I've had a few requests to show some of the home remodel that we have been deeply involved in for the past month, actually a month is an understatement.  LOL.  This project has been in the planning stages for the past year, the implementation has only been going on for about the past month.  So far we have changed out all of the counters in the house, updated some of the lighting, added new carpet to select areas in the house, and now spent the weekend prepping for wood floors to be installed in our Livingroom.  It wasn't quite as awful as we had envisioned it to be  and managed to get much of it finished in one day, our main concern was removing all of the floor trim which came out without any breakage.  WaaHoo!!!  Consequently that means we can reuse all of it.  This is the photo of the now empty room and I will take a photo once the flooring is installed.  I can't wait to see it. 

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