Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lumiere and Neopaque Mixed Media Canvas Part 2

I am here to report on my progress on my most recent mixed media canvas.  I used a variety of scrapbooking papers, paint, and Faber Castel markers on it.  I still need to finish the other two girls and am thinking of a blond and a brunette or maybe two blonds. LOL.  Not sure what they are wanting to become as of yet.  They seem to have acquired their own personalities.

I've enjoyed this project and the word spontaneity comes to mind when I am working in mixed media.  I have never really considered myself  a spontaneous artist and have always enjoyed detail and a plan but am finding that I really am enjoying the process and the freedom that mixed media allows. Anytime that we as artists can move outside of our comfort zone and try something new will certainly help invigorate our art and inspire us to reach for that creative star.  I'm looking forward to finishing this canvas and seeing it develop the personalities of the three girls.

I'm curious about your thoughts.


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    1. Thanks Lucille, I'm so delighted that you liked her hair. The other two are coming. LOL, Soon. Hugs