Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gelli Arts and Ranger Dylusion Spray Inks

I recently had the chance to spend some time playing with my Gelli Arts Printing Plate www.gelliarts.com and experimented with different paints, used my Catalyst Wedge Tools, and used my Catalyst handled tools.  Of course they all worked great although I still need to play more to really feel that I know what I am doing.  I am still such a novice at this.  The Wedge tools work wonderfully, I received some handled Catalyst tools for Christmas and really loved working with those as well and liked that I had the option of working in smaller areas.  Thanks kids for the Christmas gift.  I also received a set of Dylusion Spray Inks as a gift for Christmas and decided to try the sprays in conjunction with the prints that I had made.  How fun was that.  I'm sure that I can use some of these as background pieces for cards or in conjunction with mixed media canvases. 

This is one of my favorite pieces, I used my Jacquard Neopaque and Lumiere paints in the printing process and then sprayed the dry piece with the Dylusion Inks.  I used yellows and greens for the sprays. 
This print is similar to the one shown above, printed using the same Jacquard paint but sprayed with orange and yellow inks.  Love it!!!!

This is actually a ghost print printed while I was printing the Washi Tape from my last post but then sprayed it with Dylusion sprays.  I thought that it was boring as just a print but once I used the sprays with it I thought that it was stunning. 

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