Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Capital Letters and Calligraphy Practice

Here I am practicing capital letters in my Calligraphy class.  It was difficult and I need lots of practice but anything worth doing is worth doing well.  

This is me practicing last week using a variety of nibs and different inks.  If you have followed me on my blog you know that I am an art supply junkie so of course learning a new media is just an opportunity to purchase new supplies.  LOL.  My daughter and I have been taking this class together and she has been thrilled that I have so many art supplies because that means that she doesn't have to purchase as many supplies.  But I've tried Sumi Ink, colored inks, parallel pens, and a variety of nibs.  If you look carefully you will see all of these supplies used on these pieces.  

These two books are my favorites so far.  They are informative and definitely give tons of information about the art form.  I recommend these highly. Iv'e been using them weekly since purchasing them.

Two of the inks that I've found that I love.  Make sure that you rinse and clean the Sumi ink off of your nibs right away.  If not then I've used a little toothpaste and a toothbrush and it cleaned right off.

Speedball nibs are so far my favorite, they are easy to use and give me a fine line when needed.  Next post I will share a few more nibs that I've found that I really like.

If you want to try a great fountain calligraphy pen, I love these.

So far this is my favorite gold watercolor to use with Calligraphy.  It flows off of the pen well and produces a lovely gold color on the paper.  I've also used these in watercolor and they are amazing there as well.  More to come with these.  Love them.

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