Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Calligraphy Journey

One of my goals for this year was to take a Calligraphy class, I'd like to eventually use calligraphy in conjunction with my artwork.  I'm certainly not there yet though.  I became interested in lettering a number of years ago, because I am a "can do" kind of person I just knew that I could teach myself Calligraphy.  As far as I can see about all that I taught myself was bad habits.  I didn't have any of the foundation work and didn't really see the point in making lettering which was the "right" size so would just practice my letters until I had a pretty letter.  I enjoyed myself but now have to break all of those bad habits.  It is certainly going to be a work in progress and can see that it is going to take time until I'm able to letter on any of my artwork using Calligraphy.

This was my first week practice, this is just the one that I kept to share with you.  I had quite a few sheets which went into the round file.  

Second week practice.  Some of the letters are getting better after hours of practice and many sheets going in the garbage.  

Third week practice, we worked on v's w's, z, and an angular y.  Much harder this week and I'm sure will throw away lots of pages.  

 I will keep you posted as to my progress, I have class on Tuesdays and if you follow me on Instagram I have tried to post samples before I throw them away.  I have a few more classes in this first session and then will take the second session as well.  Have you ever done any Calligraphy?

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