Thursday, March 9, 2017

One Point Perspective Video Class at C. Hartman Designs

During my 35 year teaching career my students completed this project.  It is kid tested and teacher approved.  Join me, children of all ages, while we experience one point perspective successfully.  I will teach you the techniques necessary to complete the project: developing converging lines, learning to sketch a caricature, using a theme to complete the foreground, middle ground and background.  All of this while using inexpensive art supplies.  I will guide you through the process so that you feel comfortable enough to develop your own ideas for the project.  Parents can feel comfortable allowing their children to develop the project on their own or may join in for a shared art experience. This project is for children of all ages but kid tested with 4th-8th grade students however if you are an adult who simply wants to develop your art skills this class is for you as well. Join me at C. Hartman Designs to learn more about this opportunity for you and your child.  

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