Saturday, February 28, 2015

Journal/Planner Re-design Inside pages Part 1

I am fascinated with the work that folks are doing with their planners, so fun and such a great descriptive visual opportunity to record your life on a daily basis.  I on the other hand have a hard time keeping up with anything which requires me to "keep" up with something.  I'm a huge fan of the gals over at the Documented Life journaling program and have participated during the past few years and start out with a bang and then just get overwhelmed with everything else that I want to do and end up only doing portions of the project.  I'm fine with this, it doesn't bother me at all because I believe that you need to do the sections which speak to you.  But..... I considered this when I started looking at the planner pages that folks were doing and decided to do something which was realistic for me only. 

I really wanted to do something which was "realistic" for me given my time and interest so decided to turn this planner into a journaling/sketching book which can be carried with me at all times.  This gives me the chance to sketch when I have time and the opportunity.  Because this planner is so small, approximately 5"X7.5", I can carry it in my purse and it packs really well when I am gone for the day or even longer periods of time. 

I cut down to size 90# watercolor paper, Bristol paper, and sketch paper, punched the holes in them and added them to the planner.  For my dividers I decided to use some of my Gelli Prints, Washi tape and laminated them.  In the photos above you can see that I used a variety of materials for the borders and included some scrap pieces of  projects completed by some of my students.  I decided that if the student didn't want the scrap material they would look great around my dividers and remind me of my students as long as I use these dividers.  What a great way to re-purpose something which was going to be thrown away. 

So far I am loving this planner.  What do you think? 

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